Afghani lunch. 2/27/18

Today my daughter and I went out to lunch since it was a workday in the office for John. We are always on the lookout for someplace interesting or new and settled on an Afghani restaurant. I ordered mantoo. It is Afghan styled dumplings stuffed with ground beef, onions and spices, topped with a yoghurt sauce, ground beef and split peas.

Mantoo, Afghani savory dumplings

Daughter ordered quablili pallow. The menu said it is Afghanistan’s most famous dish and consists of baked brown Basmati rice with seasoned lamb shank, topped with raisins, almonds and julienne carrots.

Quablili pallow, lamb shank and basmati rice

Both dishes were served with a delicious potato and we had more than enough to eat on Tuesday plus bring back half of each for lunch another day.

What a successful adventure! The food was very tasty and the owners were charming. I will be taking John here on another day.



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