Swimming up stream. 4/30/18

I posted our menu for the week. As you can see there are a lot of old favorites plus some Spring produce added to the same-old, same-old dishes. I am feeling like we are in a rut as far as our dinner choices are concerned. During this week John and I are going to be looking into some new dishes so we can debut one or two the following week. I proposed that we find a new chicken, fish/shellfish, and vegetarian dish. Hopefully they will be ones that we can put into the rotation.

This week’s menu

Last night’s dinner was somewhat of a departure from our usual fare. We were going to have classic chicken dinner but when we were at the grocery store we saw this steelhead (which I later learned was not salmon but trout) and since it was fresh fish we wanted to eat it right away. So chicken will have to wait for Tuesday.

With the fish I made cauliflower mash which was okay but don’t fool yourselves, it does not taste like mashed potatoes, and some local asparagus. The asparagus was $2.47 a pound which is definitely in the buyable range. John made a sauce with capers and lemon with butter which I thought was a little tart but he liked it. I think I am much more picky than he is. All in all it was a good dinner.

Steelhead trout with mashed cauliflower and chives plus asparagus

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