Portuguese tapas. 7/17/18

Today is our actual anniversary day. Forty-six years ago John and I hopped in my ‘67 Pontiac Tempest and eloped. Pretty exciting!  Back in the day you did not marry out of your religion very much and John and I were doing that big time! So we decided if we can’t please everyone, we might as well please ourselves. Forty-six years later I guess we proved all the nay-sayers wrong!

Anyway, we drove up to Wine Country and had our anniversary lunch at a Portuguese tapas place. We love to try all sorts of different things and eating at this restaurant gave us the opportunity to sample a bunch of stuff.

Ceviche, goat stew, crispy potatoes, and pork sliders

We also tried some octopus salad, tripe, and shishito peppers. It was great fun. For dessert we ordered two small Dixie cup sized ice creams-salted olive oil  and piri piri chocolate.

Olive oil and chocolate piri piri ice creams


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