Hot times! Soup and sandwich. 7/16/18

Just too hot to cook? A light, no cook dinner is just what you need. For our hot night  dinner we made a slightly different version of gazpacho than last week. Since we had no fresh tomatoes or salsa I used canned. I also added onion, cucumber, garlic, bell pepper, sherry vinegar, and olive oil to the blender and whizzed it up. The lack of fresh tomatoes was noticeable. I will not make it like this again.


Our accompanying sandwich was an open faced tuna salad. Due to my many years (lifetime!) of dieting I never eat a sandwich with two pieces of bread. I use lettuce as my lid. Toasting the bottom piece of bread makes it stiff enough to be held with your thumb on the bottom and the rest of your fingers on top of the lettuce. In my tuna salad I have mayo, yellow mustard, parsley, relish,capers, and a dash of salt and pepper.

Open-faced tuna salad sandwich

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