Grilled chicken with salads. 7/28/17

Tonight’s grilled chicken thighs are the best that John has ever made. They are juicy and cooked through and have a great BBQ sauce char. Yum! I cannot even begin to describe how great these are.

Grilled chicken thighs with BBQ sauce, cole slaw, olive potato/zucchini salad

We make our own salads this week. The kit for cole slaw that we bought a week or so ago had a dressing so sweet that it rattled our teeth! We needed to use a lot of fish sauce to tame it down. So our own salad is a much better idea. I also take some leftover zucchini and add it to the potato salad.  Doing this makes the potato salad a little weird but I do not like to waste food!

We are closing in on the last day of our menu. Amazingly we have managed to cook everything on our list. Hopefully we can follow through for a perfect week tomorrow.

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