Egg salad Sunday. 7/29/18

Kudos to us! We actually planned, prepared, and ate our exact weekly menu. It is not too often that such precision on our part takes place. As a result not only did we have some tasty meals but I lost a couple of pounds!

Sunday’s dinner is egg salad sandwiches and leftover salads. Obviously this is not a great strain to make. By having these minimal cooking meals, though, our air conditioning has not come on for two days. Yay!

If you want some easy peeling perfectly cooked eggs, follow the instructions over at Serious Eats. The key is to take the eggs straight from the refrigerator and put them into boiling water. Then simmer them for 11 minutes. The shock of the hot water on the cold eggs makes the skin pull away from the egg. Peel under running water starting at the fat end of the egg.

Egg salad on dark rye with potato/zucchini salad and cole slaw

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