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Vegan campanelle with zucchini and mushrooms. 5/28/19

Campanelle in Italian means bell flowers. These ruffled bell-shaped pasta are a nice departure from the usual strand or tube. I thought that they would pair well with zucchini since this time of year zucchini are setting bloom to their … Continue reading

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Breakfast Margherita, Vegan Dinner. 9/6/18

Whaat!? Tequila for breakfast? Sorry, wrong Margherita. This is the pizza variety and made straight from the garden. A toasted English muffin, a couple of slices from our daughter’s bounty of tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, basil from the backyard, and a … Continue reading

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Grilled chicken with salads. 7/28/17

Tonight’s grilled chicken thighs are the best that John has ever made. They are juicy and cooked through and have a great BBQ sauce char. Yum! I cannot even begin to describe how great these are. We make our own … Continue reading

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Turf then surf. 4/8 and 4/9/18

On Sunday we turfed with a ribeye cap steak which we first cooked in the immersion circulator to a delicious 125F degrees. Then John put it on the grill along with a microwaved baked potato cut in half to get … Continue reading

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Chicken Monday change-up. 1/22/18

Spent the weekend getting home from Utah. Our daughter fixed dinner ahead of our arrival so it was not until Monday that we started cooking again. Since Monday is our chicken day, it was a no brainer as to what … Continue reading

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Treat yourself! 11/7/2017

I am so glad to be in my own kitchen again! Now I can control what I eat. I decided to treat myself at lunch and make something a little more complex than the usual leftovers or sandwich. Using the … Continue reading

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Sent it back. 10/13/17

We went out to dinner with our son here in St. George. We have a minimum that we have to eat at the restaurant associated with our subdivision so it makes sense to have our fancy dinner out there. I … Continue reading

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