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I don’t like sweet! 3/31/19

Oh, there are so many desserts here on this cruise ship. There are myriad chocolate choices, glazed this and that, and oozing pastries. What is a sweet hater to do? Although I know that John likes the occasional sweet, he … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Philly. 7/20/18

There’s a place here in town where we frequently go for lunch with the kids and grandkids. It has delicious hamburgers and crispy fries. But the thing I always order is their vegetarian Philly. It is like a Philly cheesesteak … Continue reading

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New Dish! Homemade pizza! 10/28/17

Before getting to the pizza, here’s what I had for lunch. It looks like maybe I had lot but I put this on a tiny dessert plate. It is the penne pasta leftover from the Penne with Asparagus on Tuesday … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, tomatoes! – 7/16/17

As I mentioned we have a lot of tomatoes here. I am not sure what I am making for dinner tonight but tomatoes have figured prominently in breakfast and lunch. For breakfast I had a sliced Purple Cherokee tomato with … Continue reading

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Easy cooking – Michael Angelo eggplant Parmesan – 4/29/17

We are opting for an easy heat and serve dinner tonight. This Michael Angelo eggplant Parmesan has been hanging out in the freezer for too long so it is time to heat it up and eat it. In some world … Continue reading

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Lasagna! Italian night – 10/12/16

On Wednesday I made an Italian/American lasagna. I call it Italian/American because from what I have read, Americans are so much more about putting lots of meat into their Italian dishes than actual Italians do. I used no-boil noodles and … Continue reading

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