New Dish! Homemade pizza! 10/28/17

Before getting to the pizza, here’s what I had for lunch. It looks like maybe I had lot but I put this on a tiny dessert plate. It is the penne pasta leftover from the Penne with Asparagus on Tuesday and baked tofu. This is an unflavored baked tofu. I like it because it has a great texture and you can throw it into just about anything without having to cook it. Along with some parsley, this lunch took about a two minutes to make. One minute to cut up the parsley and tofu and one minute in the microwave!

Leftover penne repurposed with baked tofu and parsley

We had high hopes for this dinner. We made the dough for the pizza on Thursday and, as directed, left it in the refrigerator overnight. It did not increase in size hardly at all and when we went to shape it we had trouble getting it to stretch enough. We went with a non-tomato topping of mushrooms and caramelized onions with mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. It came out kind of dry plus we overcooked it. According to the directions we were to cook it seven minutes but shortly after five minutes it was already starting to burn. On top of that the dough was too sweet. Back to the drawing board!

Pizza gone wrong

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