Happy New Year! 1/1/19

Greetings! I got back from Italy last night and am looking forward to a new year of posting what John and I prepare and eat. I am so excited to be cooking again in my own kitchen which has sharp knives and where I know the location of everything.

Since it is January 1 of course I am thinking of resolutions and as usual I want to eat healthier and lose weight. I can report that I did not gain any weight over the vacation and John lost 3 lbs! We can only assume this is because we ate our big meal at lunch most days and did a lot of stair climbing and walking. Now if only we could incorporate that into our everyday life!!!!! Also I resolve to have more pictures of John and me together. After three weeks I think I have one.

Since I have not made anything yet, here are a few more pictures of what we ate while we were away.

The dish on the lower right is mine, tagliatelle with cinghiale ( wild boar). John and I shared the salad because we needed some vegetables! Daughter’s two dishes are on the left, a risotto and fried artichokes
The dish in front is my delicious pici cacio e pepe
One day I had roasted octopus but there were too many olives which masked the delicate octopus flavor. John had the rather dry looking tongue above
This was so yummy, tagliatelle with truffles
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