Red beans and rice. 1/1/19

Let the cooking begin! I am sooooo happy to be back in my own kitchen! Though I am not a big believer in luck, I figure that a traditional lucky dinner to start the new year couldn’t hurt. So I looked through some recipes, took a trip to the store, chopped up a bunch of ingredients, and let John loose on the stovetop to create the Cajun dish, red beans and rice!

My red beans and rice is based on a recipe from The NY Times cooking site. I like to use a recipe the first time I make something and adapt it as I go along. For my take on this dish I use small red beans rather than red kidneys, make it a little spicier, and go with just two pieces of thick bacon and skip the smoked sausage. (Actually we forgot to add the sausage towards the end and it tasted great without those extra sausage calories!)

Here is the mirepoix sizzling gently on the stove.

Onions, bacon, celery, garlic, bell pepper, jalapeño, spices, and herbs

Then I add the rinsed red beans that had soaked in salted water for four hours and some fresh water.

Red beans ready for some cooking!

The red beans cook in their flavorful broth for two hours under John’s watchful eye. I make some rice in the Instant Pot. Dinner is ready!

Red beans and rice

So am I feeling lucky? Yes, because I have created a healthful first day of the year dinner and I have lots of beans and rice leftover for other applications later this week!

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