Pork, sauerkraut, and apples. 2/2/19

Tonight we take a little trip to Germany via our dinner. John and I have been fussing around with these boneless pork ribs that we have trying to get a Vietnamese dish to come out right. No luck so far. So I thought, let’s change it up and go in a different direction, east rather than west, to Germany.

Boneless pork ribs with caraway sauerkraut and apples

The boneless pork ribs are simply seasoned, seared and go in the Instant Pot with a bunch of onions (also browned first.) Twenty minutes under high pressure and a natural cool down leaves the pork cooked through and very tender. I warm up some sauerkraut seasoned with caraway seeds. I cook a piece of chopped up bacon and put it aside while I brown some onions in the bacon fat. Finally the apples go in with a little butter and I cook them until they start to brown and garnish my apple concoction with the bacon bits.

Success! The dinner, especially the apples, is really good. We need to work on the seasoning for the pork but this dinner is a keeper.  (Except maybe smaller portions because there is no way I can eat so much pork!)

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