National Margarita Day. 2/22/19

I bet you did not know that Friday was National Margarita Day. Neither did I until I received a helpful email in my inbox. Never to be ones to pass up an important holiday I called upon my personal mixologist to remedy the situation.

Margarita, Santitas tortilla chips, salsa

John makes an especially potent margarita. It is definitely not for the novice drinker. A long time ago when he was just a fledgling programmer at the dawn of the computer age (actually in the 70’s) we were invited to his boss’s house for a BBQ with some other folks. We were served what we now call the “Earl Gilmore Memorial Margarita”.  Earl passed away way too young and we always toast him when we have a reason to make margaritas.

This is a drink best served in your own home where no driving will be involved. Be sure to have plenty of chips and salsa available plus some other hearty fare. Sip slowly. Never have more than one.

The Earl Gilmore Memorial Margarita

3 parts tequila, 1 part Triple Sec, 1 part fresh lime juice – Serve over crushed ice. Salt optional

Drink responsibly.

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