Chicken enchiladas. 3/13/19

Chicken enchiladas

Obviously this needs work. John says he loves chicken enchiladas and I see this recipe on the NYTimes cooking site that looks easy so I give it a go. It tastes okay but it needs more spice and more sauce. We also need to improve our tortilla cooking technique.

For the chicken I use a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store which, because it is warm, shreds easily. I also use a jar of salsa verde. I am sure that if I had made my own salsa verde it would have been better. I have only tried once many years ago to make something that had tomatillos in it and it was a total failure. So I am not so keen on making my own sauce.

The tortillas need to be cooked in oil because otherwise they disintegrate when it bakes according to notes appended to the recipe. Our tortillas were either too cooked and do not want to bend or just a soggy mess. We will have to think about how to do that better.

That all having been said it doesn’t taste bad and even our daughter ate two of them. John just said to me that he thinks they were good but we can make them great in the future. I am out so sure about that but I am willing to give it another go maybe with a different recipe.

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