Southwest salad and a chipotle bean burger. 6/24/19

We eat our dinner in two courses tonight starting with a vibrant summer-y Southwest salad. I charred some corn kernels and macerated them along with a small dice of onion and cumin in lime juice and olive oil. This would be my dressing over a composed plate of Romaine, avocado, mint, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and radishes – beautiful and tasty!

Summer Southwest salad

John cooked up some frozen Morningstar Chipotle Bean Burgers first by a quick microwaving and then a sear in a hot skillet to give the exterior a little crunch. John eats his with some onion and BBQ sauce while I go the California burger route with ketchup and onion on one side and mayo, lettuce, and tomato on the other.

California style chipotle bean burger

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