More vegan summer fare. 6/25/19

I am a little late getting this posted today. My daughter and I spent the morning and early afternoon buying supplies for our Summer Solstice (Christmas in June) celebration.

On Tuesday we had such a tasty summer vegan meal. I had some vegetables left over from clam chowder on toast night and the lamb chop and tabbouleh dinner and turned the potato, leek, and parsley into a green vichyssoise (that’s cold potato and leek soup with parsley.) I cooked the three ingredients in some olive oil and vegetable stock and liquified the results in the blender. After some chill time in the refrigerator it was ready for dinner garnished with our “good” olive oil and some basil.

Cold potato, leek, and parsley soup

With our soup we had crostini fresh from the garden. I topped our toasts with my first tomato from my Early Girl tomato plant and some of my daughter’s golden cherry tomatoes from her plot at the Community Garden. In addition the basil was from the pot I have sitting on our patio.  The onions were from the grocery store along with the garlic that I rubbed on the toast. A drizzle of olive oil, some salt and it was perfect.

Summer crostini

I am really enjoying making these cold summer soups. I will definitely have to find a new one for next week!


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