Chicken thighs, potato salad, cole slaw

Chicken thighs, potato sauce, cole slaw

In case you are thinking I went to the grocery store and just bought all this stuff, I did not. We made everything from scratch and it really came together pretty fast. John cooked the chicken in the oven and at the end crisped it under the broiler. I put BBQ sauce on mine afterward.

My part was to make the potato salad and cole slaw. Since I am making German potato salad for our family cookout on Saturday I wanted to see if I could make it with russet potatoes instead since I like them better. The answer is no. They turn into mashed potatoes with a minimum of manipulation. Good to know. Back to the store for small red potatoes!

I used my little mandoline to shred the cabbage, onion, and partially the carrot for the cole slaw. It is a traditional mayo based slaw. I also used Dijon mustard in it and I think I will change that to yellow mustard. The Dijon is a little too strong. Best advice I can give is to keep tasting your creations as you are making them to make them taste best!

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