Fancy dinner is sad. 7/16 and 7/17/19

We went out for an over-the-top fancy dinner for our anniversary and it turned out to be an overhyped, too expensive experience. The presentations were exquisite but the food became bland and repetitious. So after posting one picture I’ll move on to last night’s dinner.Even though it is nice to go out, I think John and I have more fun just making our own dinners.

This dish is called Early Summer in Sonoma. It is Japanese inspired and is mostly sashimi style fish

We made pizza again last night because I needed to use up the dough. I think we did a better job of stretching out the pizza dough but ended up with a pretty charred pizza at the end. I think we need to turn off one side of the grill and put the pizza on the less blazing side of the grill.

Charred pizza

Finally, a garden update: our daughter brought home 6 pounds of tomatoes today. I have no idea how we are going to eat them all. We are currently eating tomatoes with everything! They are so delicious!

Bountiful tomatoes and lemons


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