America’s favorite food? 7/18/19

I was watching Guy’s Grocery Games the other night (it is embarrassing to admit that I watch this program but I do) and he was having a burger battle. He said that America’s favorite food is a burger and probably more precisely a beef burger. It made me stop and think about what my favorite food is. Certainly a hamburger is up near the top, also pizza, and almost any kind of pasta, the kids might say tacos, and truly I could probably finish off a loaf of freshly baked bread. But okay, I am willing to go along with the burger and I was pretty excited about having one since, as I look through my blog, we have not grilled a beef burger since May 6th!

John makes an excellent juicy burger on the grill and I make an excellent tomato, cucumber, and red onion salad. I am using our daughter’s fabulous home-grown tomatoes for the salad.

It is so satisfying to have America’s favorite food for dinner!

Grilled hamburger and fresh tomato cucumber salad garnished with feta cheese

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