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California burger in Utah 10/28/18

When I was a kid growing up in New Jersey we used to go the Palace Diner occasionally. (New Jersey is the state for diners!) I would order a California burger. It seemed so exciting to be eating a hamburger in … Continue reading

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From Ho-hum to Banh mi Burger! 9/29/18

You can make your burger extra-ordinary with a few simple ingredients. To give it an exotic taste this is all you have to do. (This is by no means authentic.) Starting at the bottom you have a toasted roll followed … Continue reading

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Norwegian fare. 8/20/18

Thought I would post a few of the meals I ate in Oslo, Norway. We are on our way to Sweden today having thoroughly enjoyed Oslo. Most of the meals I ordered show that I was usually trying to eat … Continue reading

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Hamburger and salad. 7/27/18

Summer U.S. cooking, a hamburger off the grill and a fresh salad made with vegetables from the garden or the farmer’s market. John grills the perfect medium rare hamburger … and I prepare a fresh vegetable concoction.

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Carolina Caviar and a Burger. 6/2/18

So what, you ask, is Carolina caviar. I make a dish called Texas caviar which is a bunch of diced vegetables and beans in a spicy oil and vinegar dressing. Texas caviar was first made and served at the Houston Country … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Texas caviar in Utah and a have-it-your-way burger – 4/30/17

As I mentioned we have a lot of hunks of meat in the freezer here in Utah that need to be eaten. That being said I love almost anything that has ground beef in it. So, yum, to the burger … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just gotta have a burger – 4/21/17

I have been pretty much getting my way with the food choices lately so I thought I’d throw a bone to John and let him have a hunk of meat. I suggested burgers because if I am going to have … Continue reading

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