Burger with cole slaw and cauliflower 6/20/22

Grilled hamburger and cauliflower with cole slaw

If you are thinking, “wow, that looks a lot like last Monday’s dinner”, you would be mostly correct. Significant differences, though, abound. The topping on my burger has changed from cheese to a mix of mayo and sriracha and the cole slaw features fennel along with cabbage. So, different, you see?

Mad props to John who cooked the burgers to a perfect rare/medium rare. Our daughter rated them the best cooking job on a burger ever! That is high praise from someone who usually makes her own dinner rather than eat ours.

I had an excellent weight loss the first week of this low carb diet so I guess I will try it for another week. I do crave something crunchy, though. I tried fooling myself with celery dipped in pub cheese last night but it is definitely not as satisfying as popcorn or chips. Sigh.

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