Catching up. 11/ 13/20

I got behind in my posting due to having fun on my vacation and being exhausted from the long trip home yesterday. Plus I ate completely off my healthy plan and am a bit embarrassed to admit it. I gained a few pounds and now I must adhere strictly to my regimen lest I start on the upward trail back to being overweight and unhealthy. Fingers crossed that I do the right thing!

Now a brief pictorial recap of my folly.

11/11/20 Lamb chops, roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts

11/12/20 Grilled hamburger, garden salad and tater tots

11/13/20 Chickpea stew which we froze before leaving is our saner choice when we got home last night. I added some additional broth and 2 oz. of turkey sausage

Mea culpa. I enjoyed my vacation from eating so strictly but it is done and now I move forward!

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