Sea bass, rutabagas, broccoli. 11/14/20

Roasted Chilean sea bass, Instant Pot mashed rutabaga, sautéed broccoli

As you can see we are back on our healthy eating regimen. I do not want to call it a diet because that connotes deprivation. And if there is one thing that our diet stresses it is healthy eating of the things you like. I certainly really like everything on my dinner plate tonight!

John cooks the sea bass in the oven at 400F and has to stagger the fish cooking times since one piece is thick and takes about 16 minutes and the other is thin and takes about 2-3 minutes less. Starting before the fish, I cooked the rutabaga which I peeled and cut into small chunks in the Instant Pot for 15 minutes. I used a delayed pressure release and then mashed it up with a tablespoon of light butter. The broccoli had a quick steam/sauté and was finished with the light butter as well.

This dinner was delicious and satisfying. It was definitely not “diet” food. I will be sending out this week’s healthy menu later today. Eat these meals with John and me this week and you are sure to have a pleasant experience with your scale in a week!

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