More favorite food. 7/19/19

Yesterday when I was talking about America’s favorite foods I mentioned “any kind of pasta.” So that is what we ate on Friday. We had the ends of two boxes of pasta, one whole grain spaghetti and one spaghetti rigate or spaghetti that has groves running down the length of it. John had to juggle the cooking times but it came out a perfect al dente.

For my part I defrosted a container of my meat sauce to which I added three peeled and de-seeded homegrown tomatoes. I whizzed them up a bit with a stick blender and added salt and oregano. The sauce was spectacular.

BTW did you know you can peel tomatoes easily by sticking them in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute? Just cut x’s into either end. Let the tomatoes cool down a minute or two before peeling. No more pots of boiling water!B4D447A8-F342-47BB-A4AF-ED8E32EC2C0D

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