Two new salads for hot nights. 7/15/19

While we are having the same old chicken, thighs on the grill, at least I made a couple of new salads. The first, Chickpea Salad with Yogurt Dressing, is definitely a keeper. The other one, Snow Pea Salad, is less so. The thing I like about the chickpea salad is that it is a fine replacement for potato salad except there is no cooking and it is lighter with its Greek yogurt dressing. Mashing some of the chickpeas adds to the creaminess.

Chickpea salad with a Greek yogurt dressing and herbs

And here is the other salad. It is a refreshing, lemony combo of cucumbers and snow peas. There are also almonds which give it texture but I would pass on them next time.

Snow pea and cucumber salad

Just want to say that John did a great job cooking the chicken. Grilled chicken thighs are definitely my favorite way to eat chicken in the summer!

Grilled chicken thighs, chickpea salad, and snow pea cucumber salad

And speaking of John, he gave me these beautiful yellow roses today in celebration of our anniversary on Wednesday! We will be married 47 years !! Since it seems like most of the readers of my blog are much younger than 47, the idea of being married for 47 years is probably mind boggling. We are still having a great life. Both of us are getting older at the same rate so changes are gradual. And now that we are older there is time for traveling, enjoying our kids and grandkids, and of course cooking together every day.

Happy 47th wedding. anniversary to John and me!

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