Vegetarian pizza on the grill. 7/13/19

I bought some New York pizza dough and mozzarella at Whole Foods today. I am very excited to make pizza Margarita outside on the grill. We have not done this in years!

The pizza dough is New York style. My heart may be in San Francisco but my taste for pizza still resides on the East Coast. John asked me not to stretch out the pizza too thin because we might burn it. It burnt a bit anyway so I think I will make it a little thinner next time. The first step is to oil one side of the pizza and put that side down on the grill first.

When the first side was done we hustled it back in the house. On the cooked side we spread some pizza sauce (can of tomato sauce, 1/2 can tomato paste, a few shakes of oregano and paprika, a pinch of sugar, and a table spoon of EVOO) and some slices of mozzarella. Admittedly I cut the cheese too thick. Then back on the grill with the sauced side up.

Yum, pizza on the grill!

The cheese did not melt quite enough but it still tasted good.  Once the pizza was back in the house we put on the basil and some more oregano, garlic powder, and pepper flakes. We cut slices out of our unusually shaped pizza, opened a can of beer and went to town!

Sliced up pizza

One of the great thing is that this is so inexpensive to make. I used one half of $2.99 pizza dough, one half of $3.99 mozzarella and probably $.50 worth of sauce and condiments. My basil plant has already paid for itself. So this is a $4 pizza! What a deal!!

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