Lamb and salads. 7/13/19

In my ongoing attempt to use up what foods we have in our freezer, tonight we had some boneless leg of lamb (left over from Passover) with an embellished cole slaw (leftover from last night) and a couscous Mediterranean salad.

John had prepped the lamb to be sous vide and then frozen it. So he just needed to defrost it and sous vide it at 133F. After that he cooked it briefly on the grill.

Lamb taking its whirlpool bath

I added some additional cabbage, carrot, onion, and dressing to our leftover cole slaw and also made a Mediterranean couscous salad. It was in the 90’s today but we mostly kept the A/C off. We are just trying to keep our carbon footprint smaller.

Boneless leg of lamb, cole slaw, Mediterranean couscous salad

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