While the A/C was broken. 7/25/19

We have been shuttering ourselves in the house while the air conditioning has been broken. We get up early and open the house up while it’s cool and then we are hermits for the rest of the day – no cooking, no lights, no television – nothing that will heat up the house.

On Wednesday we went out to dinner to avoid heating up the kitchen. We both had eggplant in corozza. It came in two stacks and we both brought one home. I loved their tomato sauce. It was sweet and tart.

I am taking home half my eggplant

Finally the repairman came on Thursday and we have coolth again. However I neglected to defrost anything for dinner so we finished up our bratwurst. We had them two ways—on a roll with yellow mustard, relish, and onions and without a roll with whole grain mustard, onion, and sauerkraut. Yum, very enjoyable!

Brats two ways!

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2 Responses to While the A/C was broken. 7/25/19

  1. trkingmomoe says:

    It is miserable when the air conditioning goes out. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Beebamom says:

    I cannot imagine how all those poor people in Europe are dealing with 100-plus temperatures with no air conditioning! Heat with no relief can be a fatal experience especially for the elderly.


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