Gazpacho starter. 7/26/19

Earlier this week when we had gazpacho we did not finish all of it. So I put it in the refrigerator where it became the starter, much like the sourdough starter we also have in our refrigerator, of a new batch of soup for tonight. Each batch is a little different from the last. Where I had a serrano chile to put in the last blenderful, this time I used cayenne pepper and some smoky chipotle powder. I added a couple of green tomatoes along with a red one and a half of a cucumber so the color is a little different. I chopped up some cilantro to dress the top.

Today’s gazpacho

I also made avocado toast with chopped cherry tomatoes and cilantro on top. My poor avocado had been sitting patiently waiting to be eaten this week and started to  become over-ripe. So it lost some of its vibrant green color.

Avocado toast

We finished the gazpacho so no more this week! I shall make spaghetti sauce from our bountiful tomatoes instead!

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