Semi-fresh spaghetti sauce. 7/27/19

I used my last container of frozen spaghetti sauce for our dinner on Saturday night. Knowing that we would be facing a tomato glut by this point in the summer, I filled each container only half full so that my sauce could be enhanced by fresh tomatoes when I went to use it.

I used two of our daughter’s fully ripened green tomatoes which are gargantuan, each weighing around a pound. Zapping them in the microwave loosened the skin and I also de-seeded them ( mostly.) While de-seeding, skinning, and cutting them up for the sauce I always work over a colander on a bowl so most of the juice is caught. These tomatoes were really juicy and I ended up with a thinner sauce than I wanted so I had to simmer it down for 30 minutes.

Wow, what an intensely bright and tomato-y sauce resulted! John made 8 ounces of whole grain linguine which gave us plenty of pasta for tonight and leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Linguine with semi-fresh pasta sauce and garnished with cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese

P.S. Always finish cooking the pasta in your sauce!!

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