🐟 Sea bass with chickpea purée and parsley sauce. 3/5/20

Let’s see…for this dinner we used a food processor, immersion blender, a pot, a pan, and a roasting tray. What a lot of equipment! It is a very wonderful thing that John likes to do the dishes!

We got some Chilean sea bass at Whole Foods. John took care of it—taking off the skin, pulling out random bones, marinating, and cooking it to the right temperature. It was very delicious. For my part, I made the chickpea purée for under the fish, and a parsley sauce for on top. I also sautéed some zucchini with onions and garlic.  Dinner was really good but we need to find a simpler preparation!

Roasted Chilean sea bass with chickpea purée and parsley sauce served with zucchini

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