Leftovers! 4/9 & 10/20

I have too many containers in my refrigerator! Being only two people and making all these dinners generates a lot of leftovers. For the past two nights we have been re-eating a prior meal and making an unlikely combo out of several earlier meals.

On Thursday we finished up the kale soup I made the week before. It seemed saltier and spicier than the first time we ate it. I probably should have added a little more stock to it,

Kale soup with a piece of matzoh

Last night I took the basmati rice from Monday’s shrimp biryani, added some sautéed mushrooms and spinach plus the leftover lamb from Wednesday, and made a sort of lamb and mushroom biryani. As a side we had the leftover rutabagas from the classic chicken dinner with some mashed potatoes from the lamb dinner. It was a weird combination but the sweetness from the rutabaga was good with the spiciness of the rice. And seriously who doesn’t love a two starch meal?!

Lamb and mushroom biryani with rutabaga/potato mash

I think I will get John to eat the rest of the rice for lunch and I am planning on using the rest of the mashed potatoes as a creamy thickener in a vegetable soup. Waste not, want not!

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