Red bell pepper stuffed with brown rice and ground beef. 4/14/20

Back at the beginning of the lockdown due to the pandemic, we bought some ground beef and portioned out into 5 ounce servings. That is enough for one hamburger or enough as a flavoring in a larger dish. So on Tuesday I defrosted one portion and made a stuffed pepper that contained a mixture of brown rice, onions, mushrooms, and the 5 ounces of beef. That equals about one-ish ounce of beef in each pepper half that I filled. I made my own tomato sauce so I could control what went in it and we each enjoyed one half of a pepper. It has been sometime since I made stuffed peppers this way and it was a streamlined comfort meal for me.

Half of a red bell pepper stuffed with ground beef, brown rice, onions, and mushrooms served with tomato sauce

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