Creamy corn orecchiette. (Vegan) 9/10/20

Creamy, vegan corn orecchiette

This creamy pasta dish has no dairy in it  at all as long as you exchange the butter for oil and omit the parmesan cheese.  The creaminess is basically due to some water or vegetable stock puréed in the blender with corn kernels. The recipe comes from Melissa Clark at NYTimes Cooking. You can open it if you have a subscription to the site.

I used fresh corn but I think you could probably use defrosted frozen kernels with much less mess. I also puréed a Fresno chile along with the corn instead of using pepper flakes which gave the sauce an orange-y look, kind of like lobster sauce. I also feel like you could use regular onion and save the scallions for garnish.

I have to admit that it was a little sweet for my taste although the Fresno chile toned it down somewhat. Would I make it again? Hmmm…having creaminess was nice and John liked it, so maybe I’ll try it again with the alterations I mention above.

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