Breakfast for dinner. 9/13/20

Mushroom and Swiss cheese omelet, Romaine and kale salad with tomatoes and mushrooms

I enjoyed my omelet this week which I pared down to just three ingredients eggs, mushrooms and Swiss cheese. I hardly ever eat cheese so a slice of ultra-thin Swiss cheese is a special treat. I stayed with the mushroom theme with my salad and used one of our daughter’s waning supply of tomatoes as well. It will be sad when the tomatoes are gone and we have to go back to the grocery store ones.

Tomorrow is John’s birthday when he catches up to me age-wise for the last 3 1/2 months of the year. Since all celebrations in our house are food-centric we are starting off the day with home-made pretzel rolls from our daughter and finishing the day with sushi and fried scallops. Yum! Then I will have to spend most of the rest of the week strictly following my diet. Boo!

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