Pan-seared ribeye steak, baked potato, broccoli. 4/27/21

Tonight’s dinner is in celebration of John’s consulting contract being renewed. He loves his part time job and I am very happy for him. When I suggested steak for dinner I think he was both surprised and pleased because any type of red meat is a very infrequent visitor to our table.

Pan-seared ribeye steak, baked potato, and broccoli

John cooked the steak in a little olive oil and rosemary. If we had been home he would have grilled it outside but it turned out really tasty nonetheless. I microwaved the potato until it was almost done and the seared the cut side in a pan with a little butter. The broccoli was simply cooked in a little water.

Our trip is coming to an end as we head home at the end of the week. I will enjoy being back in my own kitchen making healthy dinners again!

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