Dining out – better choices 4/27/21

One thing we were planning on doing during our road trip was to have picnics. That way we would have better control of the ingredients that would go in our lunches. In fact we even brought along a folding table and chairs in case we could not find a picnic table. Up until Sunday, though, we had only managed one very cold picnic.

On our way to Boulder, UT we stopped in Capitol Reef National Park and found a picnic table and were prepared with food we wanted to eat. So we had a lovely picnic in a beautiful location.

Naan with hummus, tomatoes, cucumber, and olives (And yes that is a small bag of chips in the upper left)
Here’s John enjoying our picnic with a huge chocolate cliff behind him.

Later that day we had an excellent dinner at the Burr Trail Grill in Boulder, UT.

Seared trout with rice and beans and a beet, lettuce, and goat cheese salad

Out in the wilds of Utah it is not always possible to find a restaurant. We did, however, find one in Escalante, UT called Escalante Outfitters. The had crustless vegetable and egg soufflés with a side of grapes. The soufflé was so surprisingly good that I think I will try to make these at home.

Crustless egg and vegetable soufflé with grapes

After driving through a horrific downpour we made it to St. George, UT which is our last stop on our trip. A favorite place of ours is Mad Pita Express where we ordered just what we wanted, hummus and tabbouleh with pita. Their pita is so yummy and they give you so much of it that we had plenty leftover to take to our accommodations. We will be somewhere with a full kitchen so we will be able to shop and cook what we like.

Hummus and tabbouleh with pita

For our first dinner John wanted sushi but I was craving lentils. We compromised and got sushi for an appetizer and made lentil stew with carrots, mushrooms, and chicken sausage.

Lentils with mushrooms, onions, garlic, celery, and chicken sausage over a bed of greens with parsley garnish

We will be here in St. George for a few days before heading home and are looking forward to cooking our own food. Yay!

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