Dining out – Grand Junction, CO and Moab, UT

I have been finding a few better choices for lunches and dinners. Here are some suggestions for you to try the next time you are faced with a restaurant decision.

Corn tortilla grilled shrimp taco

This salad was part of a half turkey sandwich/salad combo

A note about salad dressings: Instead of dumping the whole container of salad dressing on your salad just dip the ends of the tines of your fork in the dressing. Then stab some salad. Try dipping once and eating twice. You will find you eat a lot less dressing this way.

Thai spicy basil eggplant with tofu and white rice

Salad with pears and almonds which I had with…

Half of a personal size pizza (John ate the other half)

I am on a vacation so of course I am going to have a little splurge once in a while. And it is okay. It is physically impossible for me to gain back 60 lbs. during a two week vacation!

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