Veggie stir-fry with “egg noodles” 6/6/21

Because I am never satisfied with the same-old same-old for our Sunday night Breakfast For Dinner, I made a veggie stir-fry with real egg noodles.

Veggie stir-fry with real egg noodles

To make my egg noodles I sprayed a frying pan with butter spray and then added two thoroughly whipped eggs. I left the eggs alone for a couple of minutes and then moved my disc of eggs around to make sure it was not sticking. Using a wide spatula I flipped it over and cooked it for maybe 30 seconds on the other side and then slid it off onto a plate.

For vegetables I used carrots, mushrooms, celery, onion, garlic, broccoli, and kale and seasoned them with some soy sauce and a little stock. To finish the dish I put the veg in a bowl, topped that with rolled up and noodle-sliced eggs, dropped on a tablespoon of peanuts, and gave the whole thing a good squirt of sriracha.

John had his usual Sunday omelet.

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