Salmon and sauce Grabiche with cauliflower rice and green beans. 6/8/21

Salmon and sauce Grabiche with Mediterrean cauliflower rice and sautéed green beans

This dinner was supposed to be made and eaten on Monday but, my bad, we decided we would rather have popcorn and drinks for supper yesterday. So the salmon got pushed to today and we have decided to eliminate the flank steak this week. We are also going out to dinner on Thursday and will not be making the kale and white bean stew. Sometimes you just have to be flexible! We will move those two dinners to next week.

John used his start-in-a-cold-pan-after-brining technique for the salmon. It is supposed to eliminate the albumin from seeping out. It worked on John’s piece but not on mine so the salmon is not as pretty as it might be. I made a sauce Grabiche to go with it. It is supposed to be an oil and Dijon mustard based sauce but I used light mayonnaise instead of oil because I could control the calories better with it. There are also capers, cornichons, tarragon, vinegar, and parsley in it. It also features a chopped up hard boiled egg.

The cauliflower rice recipe was billed as Mediterranean, not sure why. Maybe because it has lemon and almonds in it. We did not use any real rice and the dish kind of suffered due to it. If I make it again I’ll make the rices 50/50. The recipe is from the website Cookie + Kate

In any case John and I enjoyed the dinner. The salmon is full of healthy omega-3 fat, the total carbohydrates are low, and the overall dinner tasted good!

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