Thanksgiving and the day after. 11/25/22

We had an all-hors d’oeuvres Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family. Each person brought an item or items in appetizer form. It was fun and relaxed although probably as much work as doing the whole big traditional spread. Here are some pictures of our dinner.

I made a veggie turkey with dip

When we all sat down at the table there were more yummy treats.

Starting from the top of the table are glazed turkey meatballs, Autumn soup shooters, crescent rolls, turkey salad endive boats, cranberry chutney, Brussels sprouts and bacon, mini chicken pot pies, and more endive and turkey salad boats.
Here’s a look at my plate clockwise from the top are Autumn soup shooter, mini chicken pot pie, glazed turkey meatballs, pot stickers, cranberry chutney, Brussels sprouts and bacon, and an endive boat.

I would like to say that is all I ate but it is so easy to have just one more of this or that. Plus there were desserts. I made Indian pudding served warm with vanilla ice cream and there were also three kinds of pies.

For dinner the night after Thanksgiving we had an instant replay of leftovers. Now I think we are done with Thanksgiving foods and can get back to almost normal! I think grilled hamburgers are on the menu for Saturday night. They are kind of a treat too. But after that John and I have to address our weight gain from too much indulgence. (Although my birthday is coming up and then there are Hanukkah latkes, and Christmas cookies. Sigh.)

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