On the road again – 2/18/17

So we did not leave for St. George on Friday. We thought the leak in the roof was fixed but it was not. However, the crew came back on Friday afternoon and assured us that now they had really fixed it and so we left on Saturday. Our plan was to stay over in Barstow, CA and then drive the rest of the way on Sunday. The distance is 660 miles and that is a lot for the two of us to do in one day especially if we are driving east and losing an hour as we pass from Pacific to Mountain time.

One of the things we enjoy doing on our trips is to stop and have breakfast at McDonalds. Sometimes we get a McMuffin with no cheese but lately we have been getting the Big Breakfast which consists of scrambled eggs, an unbuttered toasted English muffin, a flat sausage patty, and a hash brown potato cake. DO NOT EAT THE HASH BROWNS!!  They are deliciously evil. I give mine to John.

McDonalds Big Breakfast

McDonalds Big Breakfast

That potato thingy in the upper left hand side of the picture? DO NOT EAT IT! They also give you some strawberry jam and butter.

Later we eat at Chili’s for dinner. It is right across the parking lot from our hotel. Because I already have had a lot to eat today, I just have a version of my “sad lunch.” Instead of the broccoli I have asparagus with my salad and shrimp.

I substituted asparagus for broccoli in my "sad" dinner salad

I substituted asparagus for broccoli in my “sad” dinner salad

Thus fortified we retired for the evening in preparation for the rest of the trip the next day.

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