Chicken Monday highlighting rutabagas! – 2/27/17

Sous vide chicken breast with broccoli and rutabagas

Sous vide chicken breast with broccoli and rutabagas

I was looking back and I see that I had this exact same dinner on February 2nd.  What can I say? It is a favorite for Chicken Monday (or chicken anyday.) So since this is the same old-same old I thought I might talk about rutabagas.

Rutabagas, swedes or neeps are a cross between turnips and cabbage. A staple in Northern Europe they are eaten as a winter vegetable in the U.S. Most often they are boiled and mashed with potatoes or carrots and butter. For a 3.5 oz. serving they only contain 38 calories. So they taste like a starch but calorie count like a vegetable. They have a sweet cabbage-y kind of flavor and are high in vitamin C.

After peeling the outer and under skin I cut them into small pieces an microwave them in a covered dish for 10 or so minutes on high with a little water and salt. Then I mash them up and add a little butter. I have also made them in the pressure cooker which is much faster but entails more clean-up. As  you see I serve them with some chicken gravy. As a child we only had rutabagas on Thanksgiving so it always gives my meal a holiday feel even though I probably eat them twice a month.

Yum, rutabagas!

Yum, rutabagas!

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