Tuna salad on the road. 10/5/17

We are on our way to Utah today. October is a lovely time in St. George with sunny warm days and cool nights. A special bonus is that our son is coming for a long weekend starting on Thursday next week!

We stopped in Tehachapi for lunch at a local cafe. It is fun to try out non-fast food places! I could not resist a tuna salad sandwich.

Tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat toast with dill spear (and cole slaw that I did not eat)

First thing I did was remove that creamy cole slaw off my plate. It was totally unappealing to me. Next I deconstructed my sandwich taking off the top two pieces of toast which I put with the coleslaw. Then I ate the pickle. Finally I used a knife and fork to eat my deconstructed sandwich remains. It was still pretty evil with all that mayo but I cannot be perfect all the time!

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