Thanksgiving. 11/23/17

We had a great Thanksgiving. All the family was at our house, the dishes prepared went off (mostly) without a hitch, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Today’s post is is neither light dining nor partly vegan. Good thing Thanksgiving comes only once a year!

Every person in the family has their personal favorites – John loves the turkey thighs stuffed with dressing, daughter loves the creamed roasted onions and Indian pudding (a New England old-timely dessert), son likes the brussel sprouts, and kids love the rolls, cranberry sauce and pies. So putting together a successful Thanksgiving is quite an undertaking. Luckily everyone brings something and no one is disappointed.

Here are some pictures of our treats –

John’s deconstructed roast turkey with stuffed thighs

I made the mashed potatoes and corn casserole

Son made broccoli casserole and sauteed kale

My fabulous roasted creamed onions

The brussel sprouts that I make my family calls IDBS or Incredibly Delicious Brussel Sprouts

After taking a bit of everything my plate is overflowing!!

We do our service buffet style and keep everything warm using warming trays and induction burners. For dessert our son’s mother-in-law made four (!) pies, strawberry rhubarb, chocolate chess, mincemeat, and pumpkin. Daughter also made Indian pudding which is a cornmeal and molasses custard served warm with vanilla ice cream. It is so delicious but I think an acquired taste as no one eats it other than our immediate family.

Happy Thanksgiving if you are here in the U.S. and happy Thursday to every one else!

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