Wonderful Ethiopian fare. 11/29/17

Today was an all-vegetarian day. For lunch daughter and I visited the delicious Ethiopian restaurant, Zeni, in San Jose.  It is a favorite in our family although somewhat of a trek. At our house it is referred to as mmmmm, Zeni.

For the uninitiated Ethiopian food is served on a large platter covered with their bread, injera, and on top of that is piled various delights. You also get a basket of injera which is your utensil. Tear off a piece and scoop up lentils or salad or potatoes/cabbage/carrots.


We ordered their veggie combo which has piles of lentils, a potato/cabbage/carrot mixture, greens, split peas, tomatoes, and a green salad on top of the injera. We also got a spicy lentil dish which is served with a crumbly cheese.

Veggie combo with additional spicy lentils on injera

I cannot even begin to tell you how delicious this is!  They also serve dishes with various meats if you like.

Since lunch was a pretty big offering we had breakfast for dinner consisting of eggs, toast, and soy breakfast patties.

Over easy eggs with toast and soy sausage pattie

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