Chicken cacciatore on a bad day. 2/20/18

Today was not a good day. I got a cortisone shot in my knee (ouch!) and a splint for my left hand due to de Quervain’s something which is like tendinitis. I woke up with a lump on my hand and it was very painful to move my thumb. On top of that it is cold and the furnace stopped working. Sigh.

Anyway, no chopping for me. We had defrosted the chicken so it needed to be used. John streamlined the dish. There would be no polenta or additional vegetables. So we had the chicken and it’s sauce which was good and I thank him for making it. The chicken and some veg got a bit toasty on top but it still tasted good.

Tomorrow we will just get take out. There is definitely going to be less cooking until my hand heals.

Chicken cacciatore

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1 Response to Chicken cacciatore on a bad day. 2/20/18

  1. Joanne R. Clancy says:

    So sorry. Hate it when our bodies let us down.

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