New recipe! 3 Cup Chicken. 5/10/18

I got this recipe from the recent Cook’s Illustrated magazine. It was their take on 3 Cup Chicken which I did not know was a thing. Apparently the original has a cup each of soy sauce, Chinese wine, and sesame oil. That would be awfully intense with all that sesame oil. The new recipe has 1/3 cup of the soy sauce and wine (I used dry sherry) and a tablespoon of sesame oil.

Whenever I make something new I always follow the recipe pretty much exactly and now having made this my notes include “less soy sauce”  and “smaller pieces of chicken.” The recipe called for 2 inch pieces of chicken.

All that being said this was a pretty easy recipe and one that we will probably include in the chicken rotation. I think if you do not have a subscription to the Cook’s site that some recipes are available for a limited time.

“Not” 3 Cup Chicken

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