Cruise food. 8/27/18

It has been a week since I posted so I thought I would catch up with what you can eat on a cruise ship.

First we have room service for breakfast. The benefit of this is it is a set amount of food and you are not tempted to get more. And, even better, you can have breakfast in your pjs. There is quite a lot of food in the picture below but luckily John is always eager to eat extra bacon!

Room service breakfast

Lunch has the hazard of being a buffet. In addition to hot and cold entrees there is a gelato station, a pizza station, and a lot of desserts. I admit to eating a small slice of pizza margarita and yesterday John and I shared a oatmeal raisin cookie. Hey, I am on vacation!

There are always salads at lunch

Salmon and octopus/shrimp salad

On our ship there is an option to eat at one of their upscale restaurants, one of which is the Chef’s Table. It serves five small courses. We are only supposed to eat there three times but we have been ingratiating ourselves to the staff and it looks like as long as we are willing to eat on the late side (8:30) we can come whenever we want.

The first course which is not really a “course” is an amuse bouche. It is usually a couple of bites.

Crab meat amuse bouche

Next comes the actual first course. Pictured are two we have had.

Yum! Tuna tataki with lemon foam

Small first course of oxtail soup

So you can see the portion sizes are pretty small. Before the main course is some sort of little granita as a palate cleanser. Then we move on to the main course which is also on the small side. The main courses have all been quite good.

Medallions of lamb

Beef tenderloin with mushrooms and purple potatoes

Then there is a dessert which I usually do not eat or just have a little taste. Here is a picture of one that I had a spoonful of the ice cream. I know people love chocolate but it just does not appeal to me.

Chocolate brownie coated with chocolate and pistachio ice cream

Luckily for us a lot of people do not like eating at the Chef’s Table because they cannot choose what they want to eat and, being Americans, the portion sizes are way too small.

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