Norwegian fare. 8/20/18

Thought I would post a few of the meals I ate in Oslo, Norway. We are on our way to Sweden today having thoroughly enjoyed Oslo. Most of the meals I ordered show that I was usually trying to eat in a healthy sane manner. So far number of desserts, zero.


These are two small plates that John and I shared for a dinner. In the foreground is calamari and the green tube is a cabbage leaf stuffed with minced lamb.


For lunch one day I ordered an open-faced shrimp sandwich. Obviously it turned out a lot more mayonnaise-y than I anticipated. The dill was really good on it but I only ate about half.


Here is a better choice. John and I shared these small plates of bacon wrapped scallops on a pea purée and halibut ceviche.


This very small plate of carpaccio was my lunch one day.


On our last day in Oslo I fell and hurt my knee. I needed some comfort food.

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